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kernel upgrade for sound - got sound but no keyboard/mouse working


I upgraded my "testing" system to a 2.4.18 prebuilt kernel together with
Alsa hoping to get sound working - now I get the gnome system sounds
when I log in to Gnome, but my keyboard doesn't react, the mouse moves
but pressing buttons doesn't do anything. Ctrl-Alt-Backspace doesn't
kill X and I can't switch to a virtual Terminal.

I managed to change the vmlinuz symlink back to my old 2.2.20 kernel but
during system start, somewhere after usb messages, the system freezes -
have to shut off power - with all the fun fsck-ing afterwards.

If I unplug the 2 usb devices I can boot up the 2.2.20 kernel - it stops
after some usb related messages - but continues after Ctrl-C.

Which logs could give me a hint? And in general - Help!

And thanks,

Roman Brodylo

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