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Re: Installation from hard drive without lilo

hi ya marcelo

On Sun, 13 Apr 2003, Marcelo Coelho wrote:

> What files i have to use in order to start the installation program from 
> hard drive? I also wanted to boot linux from an SO partition because i 
> wanted to not install lilo or grub or similar programs

easy way ...
	root#  dd if=/boot/vmlinuz  of=/dev/fd0 bs=1024

	and boot from floppy... if you're lucky.. it will work

if not, think back 10 yrs ago ...

	- boot MS windoze into command prompt mode ..
	- or boot using a dos floppy
	run loadlin  <options>   for your linux disk/partitions
	( ie..  run loadlin from your linux boot batch file ( linux.bat )

u dont need lilo, grub, syslinux, cdrom .. but you do need fd and
at least boot into plain old fashion dos

or use network boot ....  but you will need a boot server somewhere
else on your lan

or .... ??? ... ( you win the bonus prize for this one )

c ya

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