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NVidia and orinoco was Re: 2.4.20 is (still) huge

On Sun, Apr 13, 2003 at 03:14:17PM +0100, iain d broadfoot wrote:
> let us know if you survive... :D

Well I survived, but things weren't what I hoped they would be. I ended up
completely scrapping the .config with everything switched to modules. But
I did manage to get the kernel to boot by using the config file + sound +

Unfortunately my video card drivers and my wireless card don't work. I had
to install these two things from source for the 2.4.8 kernel. I'm not sure
how to add them to the new kernel without wrecking the current
installation (let's face it, I like the fact that I can boot into a
working computer AND still do work on the new kernel).

In /lib/modules I have two different directories:
	2.4.18 and
(and back-ups of those two) but my special stuff isn't there. As best I
can tell the wireless card stuff is in one/more of:

the video card drivers source is in:
(Usually what I do after recompiling the kernel is I go into this
directory and as root type "make" and it recompiles and install the
drivers. When I reboot with the new kernel it gives me errors and I
noticed a reference to a 2.4.19 kernel...)

Does anyone know of any web sites that I can read on how to work with two
(or more) kernels and have all modules/drivers be in ONLY the correct
place for the kernel they're referring to? (I think that question makes



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