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Re: graphical login to a different Linux machine

> Yes, I do use VNC. But that is for getting the Linux
> Desktop on a windows computer.

no VNC works the other way around also .. infact it works any way on
all supported platforms.

> But here what I needed is this (as an example):
>  There are two Linux computers(say A & B), both showing
>  xdm/gdm/kdm. Now, I want to log into B from the login screen
>  presented to me at computer A. As others in this list have
>  suggested, I can use XDMCP at B so that it can accept login
>  requests from A.

xdm can be configured to do that. the XDMCP protocol needs to be
enabled for that which is disabled by default on debian systems
> I have been reading the XDMCP related docs. But I can only find out
> if I understood it well after I try out. This won't be until
> wednesday  (when I will get a chance to enter the computer lab at
> college).

c u on wednesday .. then :)

Sharninder Singh
National Institute Of Management, Calcutta

'M.C.S.E - Minesweeper Consultant & Solitaire Expert'

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