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Re: d-u_AT_l.d.o Just *_how_* does it work

andy denton wrote:

> In trying to get responses from this list and posting my own responses
> I am having some difficulty sorting a method/process.
> I see the emailed responses in Yahoo.
> I see the archive for the list here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2003/debian-user-200304/thrd2.html
> I see the 'whole' of the list on <linux.debian.user>
> By whole I mean every post made to <l.d.u> it does seem that responses 
> that are not Cc'd to <debian-user@lists.debian.org> do not appear.
> So far it seems the same is true for the archive.
> Is someone able to explain clearly *How* the list works in SMTP and
> NNTP terms?

- mails sent to d-u@l.d.o are gatewayed to l.d.u.
- posts sent to l.d.u are not gatewayed to d-u@l.d.o.

ISTR the usenet -> ml gateway being discussed on-list recently, maybe
it works now.

As somebody else already mentioned, one solution is to read from l.d.u
and post to d-u@l.d.o.  Debian mailing-lists don't require you to
subscribe to post.

Alternatively, if you want read/post nntp access to Debian
mailing-lists (as well plenty of other mailing-lists), head towards
Gmane (http://www.gmane.org).  Among other things (archives, spam
detection), it offers a bidirectional nntp interface to plenty of
mailing-lists, including Debian lists.

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