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DSL-routing with ppp and pppoe

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I have problems with getting my debian3 box to work properly as a dsl

I have one machine configured with ppp and pppoe on boot time which
is working perfectly, now i need a second machine for some friend. I
did install the distribution with exactly the same options, even
copied the routing and dsl-files from the working one to the new one.

Everythings ok so far. If i make a dsl connection with the new one to
the web it seems to work at first. But the connection doesn't hold
for long. After 3 to 6 minutes after the first ping, it seems like
that the pppoe client crashes and the connection breaks down. I just
started everything and started pinging some well known addresses
(google.de etc.) but after five minutes or so it just stops. If i use
"top" i see that pppd is still running but pppoe not. With "ifconfig"
I can still see the proper ppp0 device. 
Even more weird is when i try to access the web with from a computer
in the local network. The first 10 to 20 requests are handled
properly, but normally the connection breaks with the same results as
described above, even before the first page is loaded completely.

I have no idea where my problem could be found, i even compared every
single line of the new kernel I built for the iptables support and
everything is exactly the same.

I hope that there's someone who can give me any hints what I could
try to get this box working.


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