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Re: Linux gateway + DHCP server setup?

	I had the same idea, 2 networks on the same LAN... Another
option if he trully does not want to have to use static assigned IP
addresses via DHCP would be to look at adding the MAC addresses but
adding them as groups and setting the DHCP server to assign IP addresses
based on the group the MAC was listed in... I've not mess'd with this
much other than in using the agent.circuit-id to key assigning IP
addresses over IPsec tunnels...


On Mon, Apr 07, 2003 at 10:18:00AM -0700, Jeff wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand you network configuration.  It sounds like
> you are multinetting your LAN...your client machines have 2 interfaces
> on the same LAN and you have 2 different IP networks on that same
> LAN.  If this is the case, what you could do is add specific host
> entries in /etc/dhcp.conf for each client interface based on the MAC
> address:
> host jcdeb1 {
>   hardware ethernet 00:10:a4:99:99:7b;
>   fixed-address;
> }
> So, when the server see's a request coming from that MAC, it will
> respond with the specified IP along with the default gateway and DNS
> information.  You will need to multinet your server's interface and
> specify that as the default gateway as an "option routers" in the
> above config for this to work.
> jc
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