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Re: Dmesg & Fdisk see only 30 out of 60 MB--SOLVED

On Sat, 5 Apr 2003 21:58:42 -0800
Paul Mackinney <paul_mackinney@mackinney.net> wrote:

> > 2.4.20-Kernel, and make sure the CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE kernel parameter
> > is set to yes. 
> Do you know the display title of this option in xconfig (meta-question:
> is there a doc that maps the xconfig sections & display titles to the
> config file options? I'm having trouble finding docs on xconfig, doesn't
> seem to be covered in the 'make' documentation).

Go to /usr/src/linux/Documentation and open Configure.help with a text
editor. Search for "IDEDISK_STROKE". The line above it is the "display


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