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Re: Dmesg & Fdisk see only 30 out of 60 MB--SOLVED

David Raeker-Jordan declaimed:
> David Raeker-Jordan wrote:
> > 
> > I recently installed a new Samsung 60 MB HD into a 1998 "vintage" Celeron
> > machine as /dev/hdb. The BIOS reports the drive as 30 MB.
> > 
> > I thought that Debian would see the whole drive, but dmesg and fdisk only
> > report about 30 or 32 GB.
> >
> > I then booted Knoppix, and it sees the whole 60 MB. Here is what fdisk on
> > Knoppix reports:
> > 
> > What have I done wrong?
> > 
> Then Christoph Walther came to rescue with the following idea:
> Here's an idea that worked for me.
> Keep the harddisk jumpered to use the _full_ capacity, e.g. 60GB, use a
My BIOS hangs at boot unless I use the "compatability" jumper that
throttles my new Maxtor 120 GB drive down to 33 GB :-(

(Award BIOS on ASUS P5A motherboard)

> 2.4.20-Kernel, and make sure the CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE kernel parameter is
> set to yes. 
Do you know the display title of this option in xconfig (meta-question:
is there a doc that maps the xconfig sections & display titles to the
config file options? I'm having trouble finding docs on xconfig, doesn't
seem to be covered in the 'make' documentation).

This isn't set in my 2.4.20 kernel-pkg kernel, I'll certainly add it.
> (You can check the setting with "grep CONFIG_IDEDISK_STROKE
> /boot/config-insert_version_here")
> .config
> #
> # IDE, ATA and ATAPI Block devices
> #
> edited by make menuconfig.
> That means, to activate in the kernel the resize-function for big
> IDE-Harddisks.
> Compile the Kernel and restart your system.
> Forget screwdrivers, BIOS-Updates, ATA100-Cards or a new Motherboards
Well, the cost of a new motherboard with built-in support for 133 ide
bus speed is just than $20 more than the cost of an enhanced IDE
controller, but still it's great to learn about a new kernel flag.

(admittedly I lucked out to find a motherboard that will take my current
DIMMs, and for which I have a compatible unused CPU lying around)

> and , at last, avoid the fit of rage....
> That's the easiest and the most intelligent way to get the
> full harddisk-capacity!
> I tried it successfully on my old (1997) Pentium I, 166MMX-System with
> a Western Digital 60GB-Harddisk on Debian 3.0r1 !
> ___
> Final Note: I recomplied the kernel and it worked like a charm. Thanks!
> -- 
> David Raeker-Jordan
> mailto:david@raeker-jordan.net
> GnuPG key: 1024D/CD956608

Paul Mackinney

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