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Re: remote printer configuration - cups

On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 05:43:40PM -0500, ronin2@bellatlantic.net wrote:
| It bears noting in all this that when in CUPS you use "lp" commands
| they come from the cupsys-bsd package, which provides same-named
| replacements for traditional printing commands.

Close.  The "lp", "lpstat", "cancel", etc. commands come from the
cupsys-client package and replace the SysV interface.

The "lpr", "lpq", "lprm", etc. commands are replacements of the BSD
interface, provided by the cupsys-bsd package.

| They are not the same "lp" commands you read about in Linux books
| and other places.

In terms of implementation, that is correct.  In terms of (most of
the) interface that isn't correct.

(I hope I'm not confusing anyone here ...)


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