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Re: Sawfish 1.3 + Gnome2 questions?

"Gary Hennigan" <glhenni@sandia.gov> writes:
> A couple of questions for those running sid with Gnome2 and
> Sawfish. 
> 1) I can't figure out how to turn edge-flipping on. That's the ability
> to drag a window between workspaces.

I managed to get this working by manually copying the appropriate
lines out of a ~/.sawfish/custom file on a machine on which
edge-flipping does work. Here are the relevant lines:

(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-only-when-moving) (quote t) (quote boolean))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-type) (quote workspace) (quote (choice viewport workspace)))
(custom-set-typed-variable (quote edge-flip-enabled) (quote t) (quote boolean) (quote sawfish.wm.ext.edge-flip))

After I added those and restarted sawfish I can drag windows between

As far as I can tell there is NO way to set this from the sawfish
customization tool. The only reason I had the lines above in my
"custom" file, I believe, is because that machine was upgraded from a
previous sawfish installation instead of starting from
scratch. Version wise the machines are identical.

#2 is still a mystery, i.e., why no interface from Nautilus to the
sawfish customization tool?


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