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Re: Kernel Rebuild

"Kris" <krisp1@mlode.com> writes:

> Just to clarify if the file I download is a .deb file then in order to
> follow the steps listed in the link provided I would have to dpkg --install
> kernel-PCMCIA-modules-2.4.18-586tsc_2.4.18-5_all.deb

Uh, yes, that is how you would install a package with dpkg...

> in the /usr/src directory where it resides.

...but the directory where it happens to be isn't relevant, and that
particular package won't install any files in /usr/src.  I've included
the relevant excerpts from my original reply.

>> "Kris" <krisp1@mlode.com> writes:
>> > I seem to be having a problem rebuilding my kernel with PCMCIA.
>> > The only source I could find for PCMCIA were
>> > PCMCIA-cs_3.1.33-6_i386.deb
>> ...which is the userspace code; you need this, but on it's own it's
>> not enough...
>> > and kernel-PCMCIA-modules-2.4.18-586tsc_2.4.18-5_all.deb
>> ...which is prebuilt kernel modules corresponding to this exact kernel.

>> You either need to (a) enable PCMCIA support in the kernel
>> configuration, or (b) disable PCMCIA support in the kernel
>> configuration, install the pcmcia-source package, unpack
>> /usr/src/pcmcia-cs.tar.gz, and run 'make-kpkg modules-image'.

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