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Re: How should we handle people who can not unsubscribe?

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 02:14:24PM -0500, Mark L. Kahnt wrote:

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> I am getting the impression that many people commenting in this thread
> didn't pay attention to what the OP was dealing with. IIUC, his email
> address has been changed by his ISP from .com to .net, and while they
> are still accepting email to the .com address and putting it in his .net
> mailbox, he hasn't been able to email out as the .com address to
> unsubscribe (although it is immensely questionable if he is
> comprehending that it must be that address he uses to unsubscribe.)
> Passing a comprehension test as described here is not going to
> demonstrate sufficient clue-iostity to deal with unsubscribing when you
> can no longer use the outbound address.

On the contrary; as the originator of the comprehension test idea, I
am well aware of the OPs problems, at least as regards this mailing

However, it was obvious that this particular user was not too good at
comprehending instructions given to him by various list members.  I
can think of at least three possible solutions presented, those being:

1) send an email with the "correct" email address,

2) use the web page to unsubscribe; a URL was presented,

3) block incoming mail from l.d.o so he gets "bounced" off (a great
idea, I thought).

It appears the OP finally chose option 2.

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