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DSL issue

Trying to get iiNet DSL working on my Debian box

Very confused as to whats happening. I've googled the error, a few others
have posted about it, but there are 0 replies.

Most sites just say, install Roaring Penguin, install, run adsl-setup and
then adsl-start. And it will work.

Any assistance in this matter would be HUGELY appreciated.

0030-AP:/# adsl-start
................TIMED OUT
/usr/sbin/adsl-start: line 194: 351 Terminated $CONNECT "$@" >/de

tcpdump on the if shows......

05:02:48.319944 PPPoE PADI [Service-Name] [Host-Uniq UTF8]
05:02:48.346910 PPPoE PADO [Service-Name] [AC-Name "nct4-chatswood"]
[Host-Uniq UTF8]
05:02:48.347424 PPPoE PADR [Service-Name] [Host-Uniq UTF8]
05:02:48.379928 PPPoE PADS [ses 0x469] [Service-Name] [AC-Name
"nct4-chatswood"] [Host-Uniq UTF8]
05:02:48.381668 PPPoE PADT [ses 0x469] [Host-Uniq UTF8] [Generic-Error
"RP-PPPoE: System call error: Input/output error"]


Latest version of Roaring Penguin
DLink DSL-300 modem
2.4.18 kernel

Craig Mead

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