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Re: Convincing someone to switch to Linux

On Sat, 15 Mar 2003 21:20:54 +0100
Svenn Are Bjerkem <svenn@bjerkem.de> wrote:

> > If they don't want to use the hardware and your knowledge, someone
> > else will.
> Kevin start out right but get the wrong conclusion. Up until the last 
> paragraph he has the right strategy.

Actually what you described was what I had in mind, I just didn't make
that clear.

Get it working first. Then let them know you have it working, and see if
they will let you hook into the network.

If they don't, then you will have learned how to set up a terminal
server and clients, and someone else will be able to use the systems
you've set up.

You win either way. Whether they also win is up to them.

Thank you Svenn, for spelling that out.


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