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[off topic] Learning Shell from an old UNIX book

Hi There:

This message is not debain related, however as this ML is my best source of 
information, I hope you'll excuse me.

I want to learn shell programming. Thus I went to my university's library and 
found a book named "UNIX Shell Programming". The problem is, the book is 
written on 1988, and covers shell programming on Korn, Bourne and the C Shell 
on both AT&T System V and Berkely systems ( I guess these two were the most 
major Unices at the time ). 

Obviously, I am using Debian GNU/Linux not System V or BSD, and I use BASH. 
But this is the only book in our library about shell programming. so I 

1 ) Can this book be beneficial for me? or is it so obsolete that it is not 
usefull anymore?

The book shows examples for all of these tree shells. Therefore I wonder 
2 ) Bash is more similar to which one of these Shells? Korn Bourne or C ? 

3) What things shall I keep in mind when reading example programs. Do commads 
on Korn, Bourne and C, usually work on Bash? Or is Bash using a completely 
diffrent syntax? 
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