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Re: need to run qbasic program on Debian Linux

On Sat, 2003-03-08 at 12:40, K. Matthew Victor wrote:
> Greetings, I need to find out how one would go about running a program
> that was written in qbasic on a linux machine. Any suggestions? (please
> restrain the flames, i realize many of you are experts in programing
> etc.. I am not, and new to attempting to run win. stuff in linux.
> Usually I just use the native Linux software, but this it aerodynamic
> modeling software that one needs first to use before trying to write a
> GNU version). matt

qbasic?  Isn't that DOS based?  If so, this will probably help:
  $ apt-cache search dosemu|sort
  cam - Cpu's Audio Mixer for Linux
  console-cyrillic - Better Cyrillic support for Linux console.
  dosemu - The Linux DOS Emulator
  dosemu-freedos - FreeDOS package for DOSEMU
  lg-issue18 - Issue 18 of the Linux Gazette.
  xfonts-dosemu - VGA font for the DOS Emulator
  xfonts-terminus-dos - Fixed-width fonts for DOS encodings

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