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Re: Dummy

Teilhard Knight wrote:

Now I have the problem of adding myself to
the dialing group, I haven't found the way to do it. I was told to go to the
/etc/group file and add myself in the entry:

"dialup", not "dialing". And yes, you can manually edit the /etc/group file, but I'd suggest using the "addgroup" tool instead, like thus:
   addgroup teilhard dialup
Then log out and back in. Typing "groups" at a command line will show you what groups you're a member of.

but I do not have that entry in my group file. I haven't tried to enter it
by hand, I feel it is rather unusual. I can't find in Gnome where to do it,
and I was told in KDE it is easy. I added a .xinitrc file to my home
directory with the line: "exec kde", but the damn system refuses to start
with a non default X. Any suggestions?

First Suggestion: Hold off on the profanity. Some folks here may get their email over ham radio channels, where profanity is verboten. Others simply prefer it not be used. Others use it irregardless of the stated Debian "Code of Conduct" (http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/), so I'm sure several will flame me for this suggestion.

Second Suggestion: Use the command line as mentioned above instead of trying to use some GUI tool. It'll make you a better sysadmin down the road if you're not dependent on the GUI.

Third Suggestion: If you're not using a session manager like kdm or gdm to start X, but are rather using the command "startx", I believe what you'll want in your .xinitrc file is "startkde" or "exec startkde" to start KDE, but since I'm not much of a KDE user, I can't say for certain.

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