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Re: Dummy

Kent West wrote:
Teilhard Knight wrote:

Kent West wrote:

natively, Debian doesn't use the .rpm format
(although it can in many cases with the "alien" package).

Thanks a lot, Kent. A friend of mine told me Debian takes Red Hat drivers
and to install it as simply as: rpm -ivh package_name. This must be news for
you, so maybe I, through my friend, am contributing something. :o)

Wow! You're right; I didn't know about the rpm command being on Debian. But sure enough, it's on my box, and the man page says indicates that it'll install rpms.

The man page is lying. rpm is there to be used by alien and to build rpms, it can't install packages because the rpm package database doesn't exist. If you try to create an rpm package database in order to get it to work, don't expect your system to stay unbroken for long.

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