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Re: Dummy

Teilhard Knight wrote:

I guess you are right. I tried today to install as a root using
rpm, and I got the reply you say: "database doesn't exist". Is
alien in the distribution of Debian or should I grab it apart? I
think I'll have a look.
Leo Spalteholz wrote:

I've never had much luck installing anything with alien.  Unless it's
something trivial, it will usually be broken in some way after

Tielhard Knight wrote:

Any suggestions, then? I have been able to get the drivers in a .tar.gz
compressed file they say generically is for Linux, not what distribution.
Guess I'll have to find what to do with them. Thanks.

There's no harm in trying alien; if it doesn't work, you can fall back to using the tarball'ed version.

apt-get install alien
alien --to-deb foo.rpm
dpkg -i foo.deb


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