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Re: Switch from Gnome to KDE...

On March 2, 2003 03:52 pm, Hall Stevenson wrote:
> I think I'd like to give KDE a shot now... Call me Nicolas
> Petrely-fied
> :) Seriously though, I've contemplated it for some time now. I use
> Enlightenment as my WM and I know I can continue to use it if I'd
> like. I've given Sawfish, and now Metacity, a try with Gnome and
> find both WMs rather lacking... Maybe I'm spoiled by E.

Not sure what using E with KDE involves but I'm sure there are 
instructions somewhere...

> So, I'm pretty certain there are "K" equivalents to all "G"
> applications. The only app I'm unsure about is Mozilla (and
> Phoenix). I thought they depended on GTK libs, but 'apt-cache show
> mozilla-browser' doesn't seem to indicate that. That's good !

You can still run all you gnome applications.  Although the "K 
equivalents" will be better integrated with the rest of kde, it is 
certainly possible to use the gnome applications instead.  So there 
is no need to learn a new application if you are comfortable with the 
gnome programs you are using now.  However if you post a list of the 
gnome programs you use I could suggest some KDE alternatives.

> It looks like unstable only has KDE 2.2 available. Isn't KDE up in
> the 3 range ?? I see an article at debianplanet.com the KDE3
> started into SID on Feb 5...

Unstable certainly does have KDE 3.1 available.  I've been running 
KDE3 from unstable for about 2 weeks now and its quite stable.  A 
clean install should go without a hitch.


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