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Re: glx-no-gears

> This is just a sumptom. When I run glxgears all I get is a black
> window. No animation of three rotating gears. Other
> opengl-enabled programs and plug-ins I tried launch and run as
> usual. I'm able to shut them down without resorting to anything
> stronger than Ctrl-C. But all I see is an image of unrelenting
> nothing.


> My XFree86 setup on this box (a Duron 800) is almost similar to
> our other machine's (a P2-350) with the major diffference that
> the P2 is using nvidia's binary-only drivers with a four-year-old
> (or older) TNT* card. The P2 runs glxgears and other opengl apps
> fine.

Ok, I've read this mail twice and I'm pretty sure you haven't told us what
is the video card. We can tell it's a radeon card, but wich?

I'm actually facing the same sintoms in my laptop that has a Ati Radeon
Mobility 7500... Haven't tested with other GL apps.

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