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Switch from Gnome to KDE...

I think I'd like to give KDE a shot now... Call me Nicolas Petrely-fied
:) Seriously though, I've contemplated it for some time now. I use
Enlightenment as my WM and I know I can continue to use it if I'd like.
I've given Sawfish, and now Metacity, a try with Gnome and find both WMs
rather lacking... Maybe I'm spoiled by E.

I also recently upgraded my Gnome 1.4.x to Gnome 2.2 and wonder what the
fuss is about. I'm disappointed. 

So, I'm pretty certain there are "K" equivalents to all "G"
applications. The only app I'm unsure about is Mozilla (and Phoenix). I
thought they depended on GTK libs, but 'apt-cache show mozilla-browser'
doesn't seem to indicate that. That's good !

Now, on to switching. Any advice ?? Anyone know a method of finding all
of the Gnome/GTK apps I have installed besides searching through all of
them that start with "g" ? :-)

It looks like unstable only has KDE 2.2 available. Isn't KDE up in the 3
range ?? I see an article at debianplanet.com the KDE3 started into SID
on Feb 5... 


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