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Ricardo wrote:

> My name's Ricardo and i've recently installed Debian 3.0r1 on my machine
> and i'm having a problem. i've installed xfree86 but i can't launch the
> xserver. I don't understand the error on the screen since i'm a newbie
> with Linux but i think it has something to do with the VGA and the
> Mouse. Can you help me with this? I've installed both ATI Radeon drivers
> and FrameBuffer. The configuration of the mouse is ttyS1, i made this
> configuration since i have 4 USB plugs(in the installation they were the > following: ttyS0 ttyS1 ttyS2 ttyS3). This is the hardware on my machine:
> VGA ATI Radeon 7500 64mb AGP; Creative SB Live Player 5.1; a Realtek
> Ethernet card(10/100); ASUS Motherboard for PIII Mod.TUSL2-C; a PIII
> 700; Monitor LG 44i 14"; Logitech MouseMan  Wheel USB; Alcatel Speed
> Touch USB ADSL Modem (512kb). Is there a chance that any of this
> hardware won't work under Debian GNU/Linux?

On a mailing list with several hundred posts a day, a subject of simply "HELP" is likely to be ignored. You might want to use something more like "Newbie can't start X" or something.

Starting at the bottom: yes, there's a chance that some of that hardware won't work with Debian GNU/Linux, but it looks like it probably will all work. I was a little concerned about the USB modem, but a quick google turned up this page:
which seems to indicate it'll work, although it looks like it'll require a 2.4 kernel and some work.

With a 14" monitor, you're likely to be stuck with low resolution/color depth in X; depends on the specs of the monitor.

A USB mouse is usually found on "/dev/input/mice". The ttySx ports are serial ports. So I'd say you definitely have your mouse configured incorrectly.

You can reconfigure your mouse and monitor and video card settings with "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86".

You can help us help you by looking through the output of "startx" when it fails, or by looking through its log file (with something like "more /var/log/XFree86.0.log") and look for any lines marked "(EE)", as well as any other lines that look like failure points. Then post those lines, and we'll have a better idea of what's failing.


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