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Re: Switch from Gnome to KDE...

On Sun, 2 Mar 2003 18:52:01 -0500
Hall Stevenson <hallstevenson@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Now, on to switching. Any advice ?? Anyone know a method of finding
> all of the Gnome/GTK apps I have installed besides searching through
> all of them that start with "g" ? :-)

apt-get install debfoster
# debfoster -n

goes through all installed packages calculating dependency issues etc -
so you should be able to keep a clean and tidy install this way.

As to the question of which to install.  IMHO Linux needs to recognise
it is not Windoze.  The Linux desktop needs to provide a different
rational to the user based on its Unix roots and its open source nature.
As a matter of fact the sooner Linux Desktops do this and stop aiming to
implement clones of commercial environments (and the better they do
this) then the better for the user. Personaly I use Linux because it's
becoming quite popular but mainly because I can get it to do what I need
it to do (and a few things extra - a UK police force is currently
running Linux trials for this same reason on the basis that security
issues aren't an issue once the issues are understood).  It's better
value (the type of value non-open systems inherently are not as strong
on).  So this is the type of thing our desktops need to be focusing on.


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