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Re: Couple of more questions.

Teilhard Knight wrote:

First, I have been told that some Win Modems can be made to work under
Debian. I have a plain Lucent Win Modem. Can you help me to try to install
Just above the "Rationale" section is a Lucent/Agere modem resources <http://www.heby.de/ltmodem> link that takes you to http://www.heby.de/ltmodem, that has a Debian GNU/Linux section that leads you to a either a Germany or Canada download link. If you have a 2.4 kernel, go to the 8.0 link; if you have a 2.2, go to the 6.0 link. Grab the .deb file that is closest to your kernel and once downloaded, install it with "dpkg -i ltmodem[blah blah blah].deb". If there's not a driver that matches your kernel, you'll have to download the sources (also available from the heby site) and compile them. I won't go into any of that; if you get to that point and need help, holler.

Second. My ISP is a log on ASDL provider. That means I have to use my
Ethernet card and log with a username and a password. I do not have a static
IP, but everytime a log I am assigned one (dynamic). Any way to configure
this in Debian? My "card" (it is built in the motherboard) is an Intel Pro
100/ VE.
Sorry; not familiar with ASDL.


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