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Re: Couple of more questions.


On Sat, 1 Mar 2003, Kent West wrote:

> >Second. My ISP is a log on ASDL provider. That means I have to use my
> >Ethernet card and log with a username and a password. I do not have a static
> >IP, but everytime a log I am assigned one (dynamic). Any way to configure
> >this in Debian? My "card" (it is built in the motherboard) is an Intel Pro
> >100/ VE.
> >
> >
At first you have to get your ehternet card working properly. When you got
that to work, consult the standard documentation from your provider how
things are done in windoze and 'translate' this into Linux.


> Sorry; not familiar with ASDL.
> Kent
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  NT is the OS of the future. The main engine is the 16-bit Subsystem
  (also called MS-DOS Subsystem). Above that, there is the windoze 95/98
  16-bit Subsystem. Anyone can see that 16+16=32, so windoze NT is a
  *real* 32-bit system.

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