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Re: How to play custom sound on mail alert in Moz Mail?

Kent West wrote:
> Anyone know how to configure Mozilla Mail on Debian to play a custom 
> sound when new mail arrives?

Yes.  First off don't try to do it with Mozilla.  Do it with procmail
as the mail is processed on your machine.  Procmail will put it in
your mailbox to be read by Mozilla.

Here are some ideas for a ~/.procmailrc file.  Not entirely tested in
this configuration but parts of mine.  Be sure to read my warning.

SENDER=`formail -c -x From: | awk '{print$$1}' | sed 's/[<>@].*//'`
#SUBJECT=`formail -c -x Subject:`      # You may want | cut -c-20

| echo You have mail from $SENDER. | festival --tts

| echo "@W25;@G0; vvv mail de @G15; $SENDER" | sudo cw --device=/dev/tty1 --noecho --nomessages

These two computers walk into a bar.  They send mail to each other.
One of them gets misconfigured and starts bouncing mail.  The other is
also misconfigured and is forwarding the mail bounce as a new message
back to the first.  A mail loop was generated.  This is a classic very
bad thing.  The mail is in a loop lasing between these two machines.
Eventually the disk will fill up.  You will have to debug the problem,
fix it and drain the mail queue.  A small annoyance.

But because I had the cw message running every message is causing the
machine to scream mail, mail, mail in morse code to the pc speaker.
This continues for an hour until I come in and stop it.  My buddy who
works at the next desk is now insane from the diddly and wants to kill
me.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  It is probably best not to leave something
like this running where it will annoy other people.  But I definitely
recommend that you annoy yourself with it.  It is great fun.

I suppose you could have it just send a normal beep too.  :-)


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