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Re: crontab just wont stop mailing ... !

on Sat, 01 Mar 2003 01:30:31AM +0000, Dave Selby insinuated:
> This is a re-posting for a very frustrating problem. I have dial on
> demand via pppd, works like a dream. However  I have problems with
> crontab.
> Every so oftern it decides to mail its output, it does not know
> where it is supposed to mail, starts a ppp link and talks to the
> web.

well, usually it's useful to see the output of a cron job to make sure
all went well.  I'm assuming you're talking about root's crontab?  you
can set root's mail to go to you (i forget how), if you want to see
it, and you can filter it into another box if it would help to
decrease clutter in your inbox.

but if you really don't want to see the output of a command, you can
put a &>/dev/null at the end of the command.  This redirects all of
STDOUT and STDERR to /dev/null, iirc, and you see none of it.



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