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Re: Problem with kernel 2.4.20

    "Jaroslaw" == Jaroslaw Tabor <jarek@srv.pl> writes:

    Jaroslaw> Hello!  I was using kernel 2.4.20 compiled and installed
    Jaroslaw> by myself (without initrd). Everything was working fine.
    Jaroslaw> I've installed by apt kernel-image-2.4.20-686, updated
    Jaroslaw> lilo.conf to use initrd and executed lilo. After this
    Jaroslaw> when I'm trying to use this image linux crashes
    Jaroslaw> displaying a log of messages about missing modules in
    Jaroslaw> /lib/modules/2.4.20-686/kernel/fs/....

    Jaroslaw> It looks that he cannot mount root filesystem. I don't
    Jaroslaw> have any expirience with initrd. Can anyone help me ?

Verify that your lilo.conf file points to the correct initrd file (i.e
the name is correct, and that the file does exist. 

Is the boot failing before the initrd mount or after it? I think you
are trying to say that the initrd image mount is failing. Please

Finally, what is the fs type of your root partition?


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