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Re: wine and IE

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 09:27:22PM -0600, Gary Turner wrote:
> It's not really a question of who sucks and who blows ;)  Java Script,
> Flash, frames, tables, and graphics are compliant technologies, so does
> Lynx suck if it doesn't support them?  Do you tell folks to eff off if
> they choose to use Lynx?

Lynx somewhat gracefully handles everything you mention but Javascript
and Flash.  The former could be improved in (e)l[iy]nks, though.

> All web sites (except maybe 'look-at-me' sites) are meant to sell
> something and/or provide information.  It stands to reason that the web
> site designer is charged with the responsibility of making sure that the
> site can be viewed by the maximum number of people and does not break on
> some browser(s).  

Isn't that why standards exist to begin with?

> Telling your (potential) customers they're not welcome on your site is
> not an option.

I never suggested it was.  What I did state, though, is that folks run
a reasonably recent version of whatever browser they prefer and file
bug reports against non-compliant rendering.  IMO, this is the Right
Way to handle the problem.

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