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Re: Mozilla/Netscape mass bookmark editing (was: More detailed post ...)

"Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> ...
> > (Well, when Mozilla gets the ability to edit bookmarks as well as
> > Netscape Communicator 4, then I will upgrade.)
> Start moving.

Does Mozilla now let one edit a bunch of bookmarks without having to
close and open the bookmark properties window repeatedly?

(In Netscape 4.x (X11/Unix versions only), once the bookmark properties
window is open, you can simply click on another bookmark (in the bookmark
list window) to apply any edits made to the previous bookmark and to
see details of and begin editing the newly clicked-on bookmark.

Specifically, you don't have to close the bookmarks properties window and
re-open it for each bookmark (as you do in the Windows version).)

(Since other comments of mine haven't been read carefully, let me
clarify that my question is whether Mozilla is up (or beyond) to Netscape
4's level of efficiency in editing and sorting bookmarks, not necessarily
whether it works the same way.)
Daniel Barclay

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