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Re: ALSA sound setup

On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 04:53:42PM -0500, Scruloose wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 01:38:43PM -0600, Larry Holish wrote:
> > Sorry, I guess I should have started with this. I'm running testing
> > with a SB Live 5.1. Here's the relevant packages I have installed:
> <SNIP>
> > Looks like you are running a older driver (0.9.0beta10) than me, so
> > 'snd-card-emu10k1' is correct. The name change starts in 0.9.0beta11. 
> > 
> > And just for reference, my /etc/alsa/modutils/0.9 :
> <SNIP>
> > This is straight from the alsa-project.org webpage referenced earlier
> > in this thread. I'm not sure of the answer to the adc frame size
> > question, but try commenting out that line and see if you have any
> > luck.
> Woo-hoo! We have actual progress!  I've re(re(re))named snd-emu10k1 to
> snd-card-emu10k1, *commented out ALL the 'options'*, updated-modules, 
> rebooted, and *then* ran the snddevices script, and now amixer
> runs.  I don't know how to use amixer yet, so I unmuted the main volume
> with Gnome's mixer applet, fed a couple of my old WAVs (from the windows
> partition) into aplay, and it made noise.  Whee!
> The bad news is that it did, very literally, make noise.  Garbled,
> fuzzy, unrecognizable noise.  Now, that could be a not-really-compatible
> wav file, perhaps, or just settings to tweak in mixer or in .asoundrc...
> For diagnostic purposes, how about pointing me to a WAV file that you
> *know* is good?

Here's a small audio file format (.au) I use for testing.


Larry Holish

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