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Re: Deb-List Subject Line Tag?

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 04:12:14AM +0000, Scalar wrote:
> Would it be acceptable for the listserver to add a few
> letters at the beginning of the subject to distinguish the
> list from other email?

No.  Bad.  Very Bad.  Leads to incomprehensible Subject lines.

> I use pine over telnet in 25x80 mode for email, and it is
> frequently impossible to tell listserv messages from normal
> email. because the subject lines don't "stand out" from
> normal mail.

Then you should filter your mail before looking at it with pine.  Make the
*computer* do all the work.

Here's a procmail solution for you:

# Debian lists ...
* ^X-Mailing-List: .*[<].*@lists\.debian\.org[>]
* ^X-Mailing-List: .*[<] *\/[^ ][^@]*

That'll filter mail from *any* Debian list.  You don't have to modify it
when your subscriptions change. ^_^

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