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Re: Using new Apple displays on Debian/Intel box?

On Tue, Feb 11, 2003 at 02:42:42AM -0700, Randolph S. Kahle wrote:
> I am looking at the new Apple displays (the 23" 1920x1200 display).
> What would I need to make this work on a Intel Pentium III box with an
> Am I crazy to try this? I would clearly need a new graphics card to
> match the display.
> Would this be supported by the Debian distribution? XFree86 drivers?
> Randy

AFAIK it is possible to get adaptors that enable you to connect a Mac
monitor to a VGA card.

I suspect your main problem will be that the monitor won't understand
the signal it's getting until your system has booted far enough to
load something that changes the resolution from DOS-style 80x25 to
something that your monitor can cope with. This will probably mean
enabling framebuffer support, and having an ordinary monitor to swap
in if you have the need to diagnose booting problems at some future

As far as X is concerned you just need to set the appropriate values
for your monitor in XF86Config, and away you go.

That's your other main problem, of course: extracting from Apple the
horizontal and vertical sync range that the monitor will accept.


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