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Re: Problems with Quake ]I[ Arena

* dbalder@pacbrands.com.au <dbalder@pacbrands.com.au> [2003-02-14 03:02]:
> Just a quick update on my efforts to solve this sound problem with Q3A.
> After trying 1.32b point release and after a *lot* of googling I am
> convinced that the problem (crashing with sound) is related to i810 sound
> driver. I am using i810 sound driver (OSS) (which is reporttedly 'very
> alpha') and supports a smaller subset of features. When I run Q3A *without
> sound*, I have no problems (and the game is very quick!).
> So I guess OSS i810 driver is OK for oggs, mp3s and such but as as soon as
> you try something more demanding like Q3A, problems may occur.

oooh i810. what sound card are you using? sis chipset onboard-sound?
if yes, then i had the same problem.. and, as sorry as i am, the
only way i got sound in q3a was buying a soundcard. 

> So, the next step I guess is to build kernel with Alsa sound drivers for
> i810.  However, there are reports that Q3A crashes with beta drivers from
> ALSA, so there is a catch there too...

when i tried this half a year ago i didn't made it. so good look! -
i hope it will work now - and please post your experiences - would
be interesting.
> Interesting...


> Davor


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