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Re: cdrecord: What does "BURN-Free is OFF" mean?

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 12:09:44PM +1100, Russell wrote:
> Thanks. What i really meant was: does ide-scsi need to be used for read-only
> atapi CD drives too? From what i've seen in replies, it seems that it's 
> only a
> requirement for atapi CD writers. If so, is ide-scsi needed for reading CDs 
> in
> an atapi CD read/writer drive, or only for writing CDs?

If you want to write CDs, all access to the writer needs to be using ide-scsi.
(whether reading or writing)

For a read-only drive, you do not need to use it, but many people find it
easier to do so if they also have a writer.

An ATAPI CD writer will function as a read-only drive if you let the ide-cd
driver loose on it.

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