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Re: XF86Config and Gidday

Hi All & Sid,

who is having some grief with gpm.

In the end, I did not use gpm, because I could not figure out how it worked....

A wee pain, if you are only at the console face, but otherwise bearable, I found.


ON the other hand, Debian does come with "Aussie Detection Features," coded by Kiwi hackerZ, to annoy those lesser mortals across the ditch.... ;-)


Greek Geek  :-)

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Sid Blackley wrote:

hello list,
The mail I recieved on subscribing said "submissions
by you will be returned" so I am testing yet another
ambiguity discovered on the Debian Highway.

To actually use the BW,, Having used <apt-get install kernel-image-2.4.18-k6
x-window-system wmaker> to upgrade a Debian 2r2 floppy
boot,, I am left with a 10mm/.5"sq graphic in
Windowmaker that moves around in imitation of a
I have added the /gpmdata line in XF86Config-4 and
changed gpm.conf line to "raw".
This info coming from deja/google searches.
My question is:
What do i need to tell XF86Config to get a
'normalised' cursor? HW=standard ps2 mouse + Sis6326 Adaptor + Dell17FS
*the system is dualbooted with Win95B (OSR2.2).

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