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freezeups with Logitech wireless mouse

I purchased the Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo (I really like it) but have always had some amount of trouble with them.

Under Mandrake, I could never start X with the wireless mouse connected. If I did, the mouse would be very jerky. Instead, I had to connect a wired mouse, start X, then connect the wireless mouse.

Under Debian (and XFree86 4.2), if I start X with the wireless mouse connected, the computer freezes. I literally have to power-cycle it. If I start X with a wired mouse then switch, it works fine.

Clearly, the mouse is the problem.

Any thoughts as to how I can fix this annoyance? Granted, I don't reboot the machine often (this is Linux!) but if I forget to swap out the mouse, rebooting becomes very time-consuming.

Related issue: the logitech mouse has a scroll wheel and an additional button for the thumb that I've never been able to get to work under Linux.

Thanks in advance!

- Bobman

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