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Re: Fwd: getting postfix + sasl to work

El día Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:45:01 +0100 martin f krafft
<madduck@debian.org> escribió:

> also sprach Angel L. Mateo <amateo@um.es> [2003.01.29.0909 +0100]:
> > 	I think you are wrong. I have postfix + sasl in a Solaris server
> > 	(not
> > chrooted) and I use CRAM-MD5 to authenticate via saslauthd.
> can you share more information, like the configuration of saslauthd,
> and how you configured postfix? and pam?
	I dit it compiling all the software (postfix and sasl) from the source
(postfix 1.1.11 and sasl 1.5.28, I think). I configure postfix to do
authentication via saslauthd (in the smtpd.conf file). Then, the only I
have to do is to run saslauthd before run postfix. I didn't need to
configure anything more. With this configuration, I can authenticate
with PLAIN, CRAM-MD5 and any other authentication mechanism that SASL
supports (saslauthd is running as root).

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