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Re: Desktop productivity with Debian GNU/LINUX

#include <hallo.h>
* Karsten M. Self [Thu, Jan 23 2003, 03:05:20AM]:
> > over the last year or so the lack of home windows use has atrophied
> > those skills somewhat, epecially with XP stuff.
> Heh.
> I'm still embarassed by my ability to troubleshoot legacy MS Windows
> issues based on my GNU/Linux understanding of what's going on.  Useful?
> Perhaps.  But not the sort of thing you actually want to *advertise*.

Exactly. You loose the sence for such pervert kind of semi-technical
problems that may appear in the Windows environment. You begin to laugh
at some solution strategies known by Windows evangelists, and on the
other hand, your mind refuses to accept unlogical relations in the
Windows concepts.

Nicht rumn�rgeln, besser machen.
		-- Klaus Knopper

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