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Re: Compiler error: C compiler cannot create executables

This one time, at band camp, Achton N. Netherclift said:
> But when I get the error already when ./configure is run, could that mean
> that I am missing certain libraries? How do I figure out which ones?

Yes, probably libc6-dev.

> I've run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade several times and from
> different mirrors, but everything seems up-to-date. Only problem is this
> one dependency fault that I get when trying to install libc6-dev.

Are you, by any chance, running a mixture of testing and unstable?  It
seems like you have sources for one version, and another version
installed.  Explicitly tell apt which version you want to install (or
download and dpkg -i the right version).  man apt-get for details -
look for the -t switch, but do some general reading while you're there -
there's a lot of useful stuff in it.

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