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Re: Compiler error: C compiler cannot create executables

At 10:45 18-01-2003 -0500, Richard Cobbe wrote:

crt1.o is, I think, an object file containing a big chunk of the C/C++
runtime.  In particular, it contains the startup code that does a bunch
of initialization, then calls main().  After main() returns, it does a
bunch of OS-specific cleanup, like taking main's return code and putting
in the place where the OS expects to find the process's exit code.  It's
essentially part of the compiler/library infrastructure.

But when I get the error already when ./configure is run, could that mean
that I am missing certain libraries? How do I figure out which ones?

I've run apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade several times and from
different mirrors, but everything seems up-to-date. Only problem is this
one dependency fault that I get when trying to install libc6-dev.

Baffled regards,

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