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Follow-up: Worst night ever...

I just got the cable and adapters I need to bring life back into
Geocentric.(1)  6x '80 to 68pin' SCSI adapters and a arms length SCSI 68pin
round cable to tie them all together.  I must say, I pray too little.  I
mount the 6 drives into the IBM Z-Pro chassis.  Route the cables, attach the
adapters, power; now give it a shot!  BAAM!!

Kidding, everything works well.  My new IBM Z-Pro is now equip with the
Proc: 1Ghz PIII Xeon
SCSI: Adaptec AIC-7899
Disk: 6x 36MB Ultra SCSI disks
CDRW: LiteOn 48x24x48
TAPE: Dell PowerVault 110T

Now I am installing Debian Woody.  A fresh install.  I cannot find how
during the installation to setup software RAID.  Anyone know?

I also need some advise how to partition the drives.  I figure most of it
will be one large partition (~80-100GB RAID 5), and a few other partitions
for things like swap, root, boot, homes, etc.  I am of the school that has
had only a few partitions in the past.  One for boot, one for root and one
for swap.  I understand that this is not the best way to configure ones
system.  Any advise?  Please be detailed.

Thanks so much to all for making playing with linux such a great experience!




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