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Re: CMI 9738 sound driver

 I've this on my MB. Asus P4T533-r and it works great with the 
cmpci driver.

On Fri, 3 Jan 2003 17:31:13 +1100
"Davor Balder" <dbalder@ozemail.com.au> wrote:

| don't know if this applies to your chipset, but you might for the module
| i810_audio or i810_codec or something like that.  This supports several AC97
| compatible chipsets (I am using the sis7... something or other and it works,
| but only at 48khz).
| -jason pepas
| Thanks Jason,
| I did not try your solution, but I will. So far I tried trident.o module as
| well as the ones for CMI8738. I would think that CMI8738 might behave at
| least similarly to CMI9738.
| Trident modules are supposed to work on chipset very similar to mine (I
| believe they quote SiS 960, which is a South Bridge I think). lspci -n
| returned address that was close. Close, but no cigar.
| When I get into KDE, /dev/dsp is not recognised. There was a patch for this
| chipset that was not accepted into kernel, the argument was that driver
| would be a better idea. Patch was for 2.4.18, which I use. I even tried
| applying that patch - it was unsuccessful and kernel did not compile
| properly after that. So, that is all I tried until now.
| Preliminary technical brief for this chip was created on the 18/6/2001, if I
| can trust M$ Word Document Summary so the chipset was around for some time,
| I guess.
| More work to do...
| Davor
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