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Re: CMI 9738 sound driver

don't know if this applies to your chipset, but you might for the module
i810_audio or i810_codec or something like that.  This supports several AC97
compatible chipsets (I am using the sis7... something or other and it works,
but only at 48khz).

-jason pepas

Thanks Jason,

I did not try your solution, but I will. So far I tried trident.o module as
well as the ones for CMI8738. I would think that CMI8738 might behave at
least similarly to CMI9738.

Trident modules are supposed to work on chipset very similar to mine (I
believe they quote SiS 960, which is a South Bridge I think). lspci -n
returned address that was close. Close, but no cigar.

When I get into KDE, /dev/dsp is not recognised. There was a patch for this
chipset that was not accepted into kernel, the argument was that driver
would be a better idea. Patch was for 2.4.18, which I use. I even tried
applying that patch - it was unsuccessful and kernel did not compile
properly after that. So, that is all I tried until now.

Preliminary technical brief for this chip was created on the 18/6/2001, if I
can trust M$ Word Document Summary so the chipset was around for some time,
I guess.

More work to do...


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