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CMI 9738 sound driver

Hi All,
I am trying to configure (onboard) CMI 9738 sound chip on SiS650/961 board supporting PIV. I am still configuring the rest of the stuff such as PPP etc. CMI 9738 appears not to be supported by 2.4.18 kernel. Any idea if this driver is under development and if there is any other way at all to get this beast working.
I tried CMI 8738 driver with no success. The chip is AC97 compatible. Googling revealed, however, that CMI9738 uses only a fraction of AC97 functions and is a budget codec.
Does anyone else have this sound chip? Or am I ahead of time in terms of driver development ? :-)
Thanks in advance. Apologies for using Outlook Express, this machine has just been constructed and a lot is under work...
take care,

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