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Re: CMI 9738 sound driver

On Thursday 02 January 2003 10:33 pm, Davor Balder wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to configure (onboard) CMI 9738 sound chip on SiS650/961 board
> supporting PIV. I am still configuring the rest of the stuff such as PPP
> etc. CMI 9738 appears not to be supported by 2.4.18 kernel. Any idea if
> this driver is under development and if there is any other way at all to
> get this beast working.
> I tried CMI 8738 driver with no success. The chip is AC97 compatible.
> Googling revealed, however, that CMI9738 uses only a fraction of AC97
> functions and is a budget codec.
> Does anyone else have this sound chip? Or am I ahead of time in terms of
> driver development ? :-)
> Thanks in advance. Apologies for using Outlook Express, this machine has
> just been constructed and a lot is under work...
> take care,
> Davor

don't know if this applies to your chipset, but you might for the module 
i810_audio or i810_codec or something like that.  This supports several AC97 
compatible chipsets (I am using the sis7... something or other and it works, 
but only at 48khz).

-jason pepas

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