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Re: Squirrelmail/uw-imap start up problems

On Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 07:34:13AM -0500, Tom Allison wrote:

| (uw-imap)
| I go to login using squirrelmail and get the following results:

| The Folders section of the page comes up with:
| Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to 
| allocate 9097 bytes) in /usr/share/squirrelmail/functions/imap_general.php 
| on line 137

Is the inbox stored using the Maildir format?  If so then you are
likely experiencing bug #152219.  The problem belongs to a
combination of uw-imap and squirrelmail.  uw-imap crashes under
certain conditions, as a result squirrelmail just sits there wasting

| But I was surprised at the difference in file/folder structure.

Various IMAP clients take a different perspective on what imap paths
to use for folders, and various servers take a different perspective
on how to map the imap path to actual disk storage.  The IMAP spec
doesn't dictate how either of those will be done, just how the paths
at the IMAP level will be interpreted.

| My biggest problem at this point is that I'm really not even sure where to 
| begin trying to figure out what's wrong.  I'm not clear that the problem it 
| with squirrelmail or uw-imap.

| Seeing as the files/folders are created (presumeably) by squirrelmail,

The IMAP server (uw-imap) creates the files/folders.  Squirrelmail
just asks the imap server to create them.

| I'm inclined to think that this is a Squirrelmail problem.

Squirrelmail's fault is for running out of memory when the connection
is dropped.  It's dumb and unhelpful, but I suspect it is caused by
PHP's API for reading data.

| Any suggestions on fixes, tests, things-to-look-for would be appreciated.

A couple of fixes are possible :
    1)  don't use maildir  (:-()
    2)  (what I did at first) hack squirrelmail so it doesn't ever
            request the status of the inbox
    3)  apply the patch to uw-imap that Christoph Martin provided in
            the bug report
    4)  upgrade to version 2002rc10debian-1 or newer since it includes
            that patch


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