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Re: Windows Telnet

Once upon a time will trillich said...
> - my prompt includes escape sequences to hilite user@host:path
>   and gnome-terminal gets all confused on cursor positioning,
>   particularly when using word-delete to edit the command line.
>   (i'd expect the linux console tohave similar conniptions, but
>   it doesn't!)

This could be bash getting confused. Make sure you put the control
sequences within a \[ \] pair so that bash knows not to count the number
of chars in the escape sequence as visible characters.

PS1="\[$col_prompt]\h:\W$\[$col_normal\] "
where $col_prompt and $col_normal are the escape sequences to change

It really could be gnome-terminal (particularly since its OK at the
console), but I know I had this trouble when I didn't do the above.

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